Fraud Database

If you visit this site regularly you’ll notice it’s changed and my primary focus now is to prevent fraud on a larger scale with other victims of fraud who have helped by donating their time to make this site.

If you’ve been a victim of a fraud, please complete the form below and add the details – we’ll attempt to update the site as soon as possible with the details provided.

The Fraud Database


Norman Fowler & Me… My Experience With Fraud

In November 2012 I was victim to a fraud and as a result created this site with the intention of preventing further frauds happening at the hands of a prolific repeat offending conman Norman Fowler.

Since then I’ve discovered that scams are a massive problem which affects individuals and businesses in the UK and abroad.

I’ve also found that the Police and the laws they uphold are absolutely useless which allows people like Norman Fowler to repeatedly con people without any fear of being punished or held responsible for their actions.