Empty Canon Boxes (Courtesy Of Norman Fowler)

Rather than keep the boxes to all the gear the Norman Fowler decided to commandeer I thought I would sell them on eBay to generate a little bit of cash to put into the replacement-gear-fund.

Canon 430EX STOLEN
Canon 10-22mm Lens STOLEN
Canon 24-70mm STOLEN

This isn’t everything Norman has taken, he also managed to get hold of a 17-40mm L Series lens which belonged to Brendan.

2 thoughts on “Empty Canon Boxes (Courtesy Of Norman Fowler)

  1. craig E

    What do our super human public serving national crime fighters have to add after their social call

    1. tomtailford Post author

      I would love to update you with wonderful news Craig, but 2 months on and nothing has happened, looks like Norman will continue to work his ways untouched by the Police.

      I asked the Police Officer who is dealing with my case if the items had been entered on the NMPR, which is also used for small electronic devices like my cameras, he asked me for the serial numbers… WHICH I HAVE ALREADY GIVEN HIM 3 TIMES!

      No wonder Norman gets away with what he does…

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