Complaints to PCC, MP & Police draw responses

Having had no updates about Norman Fowler / Fraud / my stolen camera equipment since early July I sent a disgruntled email to Stephen Bett (PCC), Simon Wright (MP), Tim Harris (Essex Police), Richard Walker (Norfolk Police), Anthony Abigail (Norfolk Polce) and the rest of Norfolk Police to complain about the lack of progress but also to advise them that Norman Fowler scammed another person using a fake Rolex – however this drew absolutely no response from anyone.

On 13 August 2013 I wrote another email to once again complain that I hadn’t received any response to my previous email (dated 2 July 2013) and that I was still none the wiser as to what was going on with regards to Norman Fowler and my equipment, however this time I got quite a few responses.

Stephen Bett (PCC) both apologised for the lack of response and quickly contacted Inspector Richards, a Senior Officer at Norfolk Constabulary and while Simon Wright (MP) didn’t apologise for the lack of response to my previous email did advise that some correspondence might have been lost somewhere in the line – possibly as a result of me moving house.

I’m still yet to hear from Richard Walker the investigating Officer and Anthony Abigail, a Sergeant who dealt with my very first complaint – however the contact from Inspector Richards would bring to light some very very big news about Norman Fowler – and will be revealed over the next few days.