Another Visit To Norfolk Police

The Norfolk Police gave Norman Fowler just over a week deadline to return my items. Since then there has been various excuses as to why my item hadn’t got back to me and on the final day I had no direct communication from Norman and of course nothing was returned.

So what happens now? I don’t actually know! I expect that at some point today I will be asked to go to the police station to tell them exactly what I told them two weeks ago. Hopefully the difference this time round is that they’ll act on what is said?

I’m once again getting those feelings of despair. I’ve kind of accepted the fact that Norman Fowler has fraudulently taken my gear from me as I have known this for two weeks. What I find a little harder to deal with is the fact that the police didn’t act earlier in an attempt to retrieve my equipment from a conman who’s been convicted twice in the past 4 years.

I need to have a few more questions prepared for the interview tomorrow. I know it’s not an interview about police conduct, but I think I am owed an explanation after being treated like this. What makes it worse is that if the same thing happened to a family member or friend, it’s almost certain that this would have been dealt with very differently. Which I think is pretty unfair.

I think I will also start thinking of a few questions for the newly elected PCC Stephen Betts, and also catch up with Simon Wight MP who took the matter up almost instantly with the Chief Constable of Norfolk Police.