Another Letter To Simon Wright MP

Feeling frustrated with the lack of progress from the Norfolk Police I decided to write another email to Simon Wright my local MP.

Simon Wright MP responded to my first email / tweets about the matter and said he had raised my concerns with Philip Gormley, Chief Constable of Norfolk Constabulary on 16th November 2012. He said he would be in touch as soon as he received a full response but has not contacted me in nearly a month.

Here’s my latest letter to my local MP, Simon Wright:

Hi Simon,

I thought I would update you on the progress of what has been happening with my stolen camera equipment.

It’s been approximately 1 month since I first visited the Norfolk Police and progress seems very slow.

Yesterday, I had an appointment with a Police Officer for 3pm. At 3.30pm he had not arrive, so I called the Norfolk Police and they put me through to the control room who advised they would call back shortly but he should be on his way. An hour passed with no call or visit so I decided to call the Norfolk Police again at 4.30pm and they put me through to the control room who advised they would radio him and call back shortly. They called back 5 minutes later saying he was stuck in traffic and he shortly arrived after the phone call. I live 5minutes from the police station.

After sitting down with the policeman for 20minutes, he told me that he wouldn’t be taking a statement and he needed me to email him a chronological order of events. This was a complete waste of both of our time and had they asked for that ahead of the meeting I would have happily obliged.

Also in conversation, the policeman said that I was one of four people he was speaking to that day in a similar situation. It’s worrying that people can operate like this and allowed to do so by the police. This man has already committed over £30,000 in fraud!

I’ve not had any further contact from the Norfolk Police about my complaint about their service or what’s happening with Norman Fowler. I haven’t heard anything from yourself and would appreciate if you could look into the matter, why it’s taking so long and why nothing is apparently being done.


Thomas Tailford