Another Letter to Chloe Smith MP

Chloe Smith hadn’t replied to my email I sent 4 days ago, so I thought I would write her another email. Either she is very busy or didn’t feel that my first email warranted a response, hopefully she’ll reply to this one.

Hi Chloe,

I thought I would email again since I haven’t heard anything and I am not sure how long you usually take to reply to emails.

Various people have been commenting on the website I made up for the repeat offender Norman Fowler, and Norfolk Police haven’t been particularly helpful in the issue.

Today was once again a bit disheartening but after speaking to a Sergeant I felt even more frustrated.

I wrote about it here: it’s not a long article, but hopefully you will understand my frustration.

I hope you can reply as soon as possible, as the police are seemingly watching the situation evolve and allowing Norman Fowler to continue business as normal.