Almost a week after reporting Norman Fowler

Just under a week has passed since I report Norman Fowler to the Norfolk Police and I feel that we’re starting to make progress. Although the Norfolk Police are seemingly failing to act upon the information I have provided them, Chloe Smith, the local conservative MP has started the ball rolling after reading the two emails I sent to her, which I am thankful for.

I’m still very frustrated with the attitude of the Norfolk Police, but other victims of Norman Fowler have told me that this is something they have all faced when trying to report the actions of the repetitive conman. However, I’m not willing to simply just let it be so and hopefully will inspire other victims to also try and achieve some kind of action, despite the lack of help from their local police.

Chloe Smith MP, told me that she would be personally calling the Norfolk Police and I hope this might result in some more action than a few phone calls and an email. She also said that she would be taking this issue to the Home Office as it’s quite clear that there is a problem with the current law that allows people like Norman Fowler to operate without any consequence.

Yesterday I had to cancel a number of meetings, but being self-employed has meant that I have to get on with work. I really feel that I need to be chasing the Norfolk Police because up until this point their response to Norman Fowler’s actions has been slow and it feels that they have no consideration for my position whatsoever. I understand that they’ve got processes they have to adhere to, but surely if you were to report a fraud by someone with a massive history of fraud and theft that they would act quicker.

On a different note, I did read that people have sued the police for not doing their job properly after a witness was murdered by the suspect. The man who was murdered was in fact given death threats prior to being murdered, but the police did nothing to ensure the safety of the man. I know my life is not being threatened, but Norman Fowler has insinuated that I wouldn’t get my gear back if I didn’t calm down, but the police still fail to see that the equipment as stolen or being appropriated as his own.