A Visit From Norfolk Constabulary

Yesterday I was due a visit from the Norfolk Police at 3pm but they didn’t show up. So I decided to give them a call to ask what was happening at 3.30pm. After speaking briefly to the switchboard they put me through to the control room who advised that the police officer was on route, however they would call back shortly to confirm his ETA.

“You’re one of four people I am visiting today for the same reason” – Police Officer

Despite the fact the police station is less than a mile away, which is usually a 3 minute drive or 15 minute walk, the police officer didn’t visit and I didn’t receive a phone call, so after waiting for an hour I decided to call the switchboard once again, who repeated that he was on route and they would call back shortly to confirm his ETA.

At just after 4.30pm I finally received a call from the control room advising that the officer was struck in traffic and would be with me shortly. After about 10minutes the officer arrived with apologies about the traffic – it must have been really bad if he was 1hr40mins late!

The disruption this incident has already caused me has been a nightmare and the police visit also reminded me of everything that has happened, however I was happy that I could get everything sorted and move forward with my life. However, this was not to be the case.

After around 20 minutes with the police officer I felt exactly the same as I did when I first walked into the Norfolk Constabulary. I was told that I was one of four people he was visiting that day who were in exactly the same situation. I was shocked to say the least.

In addition, rather than taking any statements, the police officer had only come to see me to ask if I could create a chronological order of the events that happened. I could have quite easily done this prior to our meeting, which would have saved time for both of us.

So at about 5pm the police officer left having taken no statement from myself to presumably make a visit to the next victim of “above board fraud” to tell them exactly the same thing.