Norman Fowler / JJ McClure – Conman in Spanish Headlines

Norman Fowler was recently arrested in Spain and was put in a jail in Alicante for gun related matters, but has been released on bail despite a warrant for his arrest in the UK after being sentenced to prison for theft.

It has been reported that Norman Fowler was using the new alias of JJ McClure while living in Costa Blanca and Pedreguer, both close to Alicante, Spain and synonymous with British ex-pats and the BBC reported that he had attempted to defraud another victim by selling a vehicle reported as stolen. Continue reading

BBC reveal Norman Fowler and rapists on run with warrant for arrest

In a shocking BBC investigative report, it was revealed that Norman Fowler and a number of convicted rapists, child abusers and criminals who’ve committed sexual assaults were on the run from police and have not been brought to justice.

Norman Fowler was convicted in 2014 and has since been on the run from the UK police, he absconded to Spain and was recently arrested on unrelated matters and has been released on bail despite his criminal conviction in the UK.

Since absconding Fowler began using a new alias, JJ McClure and had been held in an Alicante prison for a short time before being released on bail and is once again on the streets of Pedreguer.

Thousands of convicted criminals skip court for charges including child sex offences and rape are on the run.

More information can be found out on the BBC website about how thousands of rapists, child abusers and Norman Fowler (AKA JJ McClure) are on the run, the oldest conviction dating back to 1980:

Norman Fowler / JJ McClure is of large stature, has a northern accent and generally a polite person. He was last seen in Pedreguer, Alicante and was arrested on unrelated gun matters but has since been released on bail


Norman Fowler Passport & Driving License

Norman Fowler is WANTED by Essex Police (Essex Police Wanted Page)

Here is a copy of his Passport & Driving License. Please contact PC Emma Richardson at Maldon Police Station on 101 ext 412102 or ring Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

Norman Fowler – WANTED for £22,000 of Fraud

Norman-Fowler-Essex-Police-Twitter It would appear that Norman Fowler is wanted for £22,000 worth of fraud to 9 victims.

Since starting this website I have blogged about what happened with Norman and also dealing with the police. I talked about how I felt completely failed by the legal system and the police who uphold it.

I was scammed by Norman Fowler back in 2012, he hired some camera equipment from me and never returned it. He gave me various excuses while I tried to get the police to act, but they did absolutely nothing.

Norman Fowler made a mockery of the legal system, he didn’t turn up to his first plea hearing or the trial by jury. For his plea hearing he claimed to have a sore back, and for the trial by jury I was told that he had actually done a runner to Spain, AKA Costa Del Crime!

Norman-Fowler-Essex-Police-Wanted-WebsiteWhat’s crazy is the police interviewed me after Norman claimed I had harassed him… meanwhile according to Essex Police Norman Fowler committed a further 8 frauds to other victims, which could have been prevented had they acted sooner and not allowed Norman Fowler to play the system.

I’ll be updating the site with various news from other websites reporting on the case.

Norman Fowler to be trialed at Crown Court on 22 April 2014

I received a letter from the Norfolk Criminal Justice Services which read as follows

Norfolk Criminal Justice Services
Victim and Witness Support
Carmelite House
2 St James Court

27th February 2014 01603 276298 / 276858
Fax Number : 01603 276261
Office Hours 8.00 am to 5 pm
Non Emergency Tel: 101

Case Against: Norman FOWLER
Unique Reference Number: 36CJ/52546/13
Offence and date of offence – Theft on 01/11/12

Notice to attend Norwich Crown Court on 22nd April 2014 at 10am

I am writing to confirm that you are required to attend court to give your evidence.

At the hearing on 21st February, 2014 at Norwich Crown Court, Norman Fowler pleaded “not guilty” to the following offence:

THEFT, contrary to section 1(1) of the Theft Act 1968.

This means a trial will now take place.

The trial is set to begin on 22nd April, 2014 at the Norwich Crown Court. It is expected to last for two days

At this stage I am unable to tell you the exact time and date when you should attend, however, it is likely to be early on in the trial. I appreciate that it may be difficult to keep all this time free, but it is very important at this stage that you are available to attend court at any time throughout the trial. As soon as I know the exact date and time when you should attend, I will let you know.

Please call or email me to confirm your attendance.

I will pass your details to the Witness Service who can help you on the day at court. They can also arrange for you to visit the court before the day of trial so you can look around.

For further information please visit the website:-

Thank you for your assistance as a witness in this case. Giving evidence is very important and your help is greatly appreciated.

Sharon Adcock / Jane Coote

So looks like I’ll be in Crown Court giving evidence against Norman Fowler on 22nd April.

I’ve also been informed that Norman Fowler is allegedly wanted on suspicious of theft of motor vehicle, if you know of his whereabouts please inform the MET.

Norman Fowler Plea Hearing – 21st February

Norman Fowler’s second plea hearing date should be on Friday of this week, with a trial date indicated in March 2014.

Last month repeat offending fraudster Norman Fowler didn’t turn up to the initial plea hearing which was held at Norwich Crown Court (read more here) with the excuse he had a bad back. The judge and other court staff seemed to joke that Norman Fowler was indeed familiar with the law and I wasn’t surprised that he didn’t turn up.

After reading Prosecution Policy and Legal Guidance on the issuing of medical certificates available on the CPS website it would seem that if Norman Fowler doesn’t turn up to Crown Court this time that he will betting arrested. I’m also surprised that the Crown Court found Norman Fowler’s medical certificate satisfactory – especially as they joked about his familiarity with the court process.

It will be interesting to see if Norman Fowler is brave enough to chance it once more with a sore back or indeed another ailment of some kind. However I really feel that Norman’s scamming days are going to be coming to a close in the not too distant future.

If however this isn’t the case then I’ll continue to update this site at the very least with some more reports of Norman Fowler’s fraudulent activity.

Norman Fowler & The Criminal Prosecution Service (CPS)


In 2009 the Criminal Prosecution Service (CPS) wrote to another victim of Norman Fowler’s. Norman Fowler pleased guilty to damaging the victim’s car and was ordered to pay £2000 compensation. Further, a judgement was issued at the Hull County Court for £7,253.62.

As of 2009 it would seem that Norman Fowler hadn’t paid any of the compensation to his victim, and I was advised over social media that Norman Fowler had in fact only paid approximately £000 – instead of the £7,253.62 he was ordered to pay.

So in effect, Norman Fowler committed a crime, was ordered to pay compensation by the court, then didn’t and continued to scam people, including myself.

Looking at Norman Fowler’s activities in the past and his dealings with the courts, it would suggest to me that orders of compensation and hours of community service are not working as he continues to break the law and doesn’t comply to any punishment.

I don’t blame Norman Fowler for his actions, as children often display a similar behaviour. If they are punished and the punishment is not actually enforced then the child would obviously have no respect for the authority dealing out said punishment.

I hope that the law sees that Norman Fowler hasn’t reformed despite being given multiple chances to do so, I hope that this time Norman Fowler is indeed punished properly for the things he continues to get away with… hopefully we’ll see soon!!

Jason Large, Jason Jones & Norman Fowler – Another Fraud?

Norman Fowler is expected for his plea hearing in the next 3 weeks at Norwich Crown Court, however it would appear that new victims are surfacing having been contacted via this website.

One particular victim claimed to have been the victim of a fraud similar to mine, Norman Fowler allegedly hired a vehicle from the victim paying for a short term hire in full, however Norman Fowler failed to return the vehicle or pay for a second term and has since gone silent.

Jason-Jones-Jason-Large-Fraud-ScamI’ve been in close contact with the victim who was able to trace the vehicle, which was found in the Hull area where Norman Fowler comes from. The vehicle was allegedly sold on by a chap called Jason Jones, AKA Jason Large (pictured right) who we’ve already mentioned on this website, but would also have a past of scams which can be read about here:

That’s all the information I can post at the moment, but once again it would seem that Norman Fowler has scammed another person, with the help of another well known conman from the Hull area known as Jason Large / Jason Jones.

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Norman Fowler doesn’t attend court

Norman Fowler was due in Norwich Crown Court for a plea hearing on 27th January 2013, however he failed to show which if I’m honest isn’t a surprise as Norman seems to know the legal system and how to play it to his advantage.

Screenshot_2014-01-27-17-35-28I also received an SMS via a messaging website confirming that Norman Fowler hadn’t attended Norwich Crown Court but also that a warrant had been issued for his arrest. It also claimed that when police visited his house they found that he was not there and the border agency had indicated he had “fled the country” and had left on Sunday.

IMG_20140127_095717I’m not going to question the incompetence of the legal system in the UK (they couldn’t even get his name right at court!) however I find it highly unlikely that they’d use an anonymous text service to inform me of this. Plus the fact I was in court on Monday to hear for myself that Norman Fowler had in fact not attended court due to a bad back.

I can only assume that someone was trying to misinform me so I’d make an outlandish post claiming that he’d fled the country, but I know this is not the case and I hope that he returns to full health as soon as possible so they can resume proceedings at Norwich Crown Court.

I’ve also been contacted by two more alleged victims of Norman Fowler who claimed that he has scammed them using a different alias, however they are almost certain it to be him – of course this is not confirmed, but will be discussed online.

Norman Fowler – Norwich Crown Court – 27th January 2014

It’s less than 3 weeks until Norman Fowler appears in Norwich Crown Court to enter his plea hearing.

Norman Fowler was earlier arrested on warrant after not appearing at Norwich Magistrates Court. When he was arrested he entered a not guilty for the offence of theft and has elected for a trial at Norwich Crown Court.

Here’s the email I received from the Norfolk Witness Care Team:

Since receiving this email in October, I have been advised on email that Norman Fowler has in fact scammed someone else using similar techniques to the way in which he scammed myself. Continue reading